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We are TIMELY PRODUCT PVT. LTD. We provide all kinds of medical equipment home delivery service all over the Bangladesh. Not an importer & supplier of medical equipment in Dhaka Bangladesh. Some people are taking as a Medical Oxygen Cylinder Importer & Supplier in Bangladesh.

We are clearly mentioning we provide all kinds of medical equipment home delivery service, such as Oxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Generator or Concentrator, BiPAP, CPAP and Ventilator machine. Presently in CORONA-VIRUS or COVID-19 we are providing Only Emergency Product Home Delivery Service at Six Cities in Bangladesh – Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Cylhet, Narayanganj, Gazipur.

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Respected Customer,
Covid-19 Pandemic has taken many lives. The infected patients and their families are facing serious difficulties and hardships. The number of patients is increasing day by day and has already reached from hundreds to thousands. In this situation, many of us are well aware of the “do’s and not to do’s”. To reduce the misery and sufferings of the patients and their families we are stating here some of the most important suggestions from the physicians and experts.

Experts claim that to fight with Covid-19 in their own home treatment pulse oxygen meter and medical oxygen will be equivalent to a strong weapon.

In the above picture, the product that you are seeing its name is- pulse oximeter.
Its work is to measure the heartbeat rate and oxygen of the body. This machine will tell you how much oxygen you have in your body. And do you need more oxygen or not. As a result, you can easily take the basic decision. We all know that due to coronavirus it becomes difficult to breathe, they cannot breathe normally, so furthermore, oxygen is needed. With pulse oximeter, you can easily check out this.

The next step is- to keep oxygen in your home.

There are many different methods available for using oxygen in your home. Among this the usage of an oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrator are popular. Through this, in crucial time you can use easily oxygen in your home.

Oxygen Cylinder Full Packages

The above product picture is oxygen’s picture. The oxygen saturated here can be used for 24hrs constantly. Now if you want you can finish using this oxygen in one day or slowly for two weeks or even two months. If the oxygen of the cylinder or bottle is finished then it can again be refilled too. We also provide this service. The price range of the oxygen cylinder in Bangladeshi currency is 15000-26000.

Oxygen Concentrator in Bangladesh | Electric Oxygen Generator Machine Price in BD

Oxygen Concentrator BD

The product in the above picture is an oxygen concentrator. It is also called an oxygen generator machine. This type of machine can produce and supply oxygen with the help of electricity. As a result, you do not need to take the extra hassle of refilling like oxygen cylinders. In comparison with oxygen concentrators is a little bit pricey.
The price range of the Oxygen Concentrator in Bangladesh currency is 44 thousand to 1, 20,000 (the price depends on the product’s quality, and brand value).

In most cases when the patient is administrated with oxygen and medicines suggested by the doctors, they start recovering soon.

This is why according to the suggestions of experts many responsible citizens keep primary medicines, pulse oximeter, and medical oxygen in their homes. So that in time of crucial time they can use them and recover in their own home.
To get the primary medicines you can call on this Government helpline COVID-19 Gov helpline 16263 or 333 explaining the symptoms of the patient, you can get the medicines from the nearest pharmacy.

How to order oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator for home use at online in Bangladesh 

To order oxygen or other oxygen-related products online follow the instructions given below- and pay the price after receiving the products.

We, Timely Product Private Limited sell products according to the price determined by Government and authority. In sha Allah if you keep the trust you will never face any kind of betrayal from us. We sell products approved and authorized by the government. Intending to serve people and reward from Allah we provide home delivery service despite having risks in it.

In Dhaka, we provide home delivery service in the highest 1 or 2 hours with our own vehicle. Our expert also comes along to set it up properly and to guide us about the instructions of its use.

Outside Dhaka in the whole of Bangladesh, we supply products through courier service.
Before ordering products see the price and descriptions of the product properly.
If you have any further queries before ordering the product you can contact us via this mail address:

Here is the process of ordering oxygen: 

Call: 01400331122. We are cordially requested to use our email address to get answers for queries related to products-
You can call us if you need any emergency service.

Or order from here Shop now our executive authority will contact you within some time and all the necessary equipment will reach your place within some time ingshaAllah.

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