Oxygen Cylinder Rent & Refill Service in Dhaka Bangladesh – Free Home Delivery

Get Emergency Oxygen Cylinder Rent Service in Dhaka Bangladesh and Take Free Home Delivery in Dhaka City within 60 Minutes – 01712444336.

Free Home Delivery available only for MONTHLY Packages.

Oxygen Cylinder Rent – Daily – 250 Taka.

Oxygen Cylinder Rent – Weekly – 2,000 Taka.

(500 Taka for Delivery & Setup Charge will be added on Daily & Weekly Packages)

Oxygen Cylinder Rent – Monthly – 5000 Taka (Free Home Delivery and Setup).

How to use Oxygen Cylinder at Home – Bangla Video Tutorial by Timely Product Ltd

Oxygen Cylinder Refill Near Me in Dhaka with Best Prices

Generally oxygen cylinder refill price in Dhaka 200 to 500 taka (it depends on cylinder size and location). BUT if want to get a home delivery service then the delivery charge will be added.

We provide only home delivery service because of our service based on HOME. We understand your urgency, so that, we always try to deliver the refill within 60 to 90 minutes in Dhaka city.

All around, oxygen cylinder refill home delivery price 600 to 1000 taka in Dhaka city.

Details are described below: (haven’t enough time to read? just call us: +8801712444336, 01400331122)

If you have patients at home, oxygen might be needed for any sort of medical emergency, at any time, anyplace. So, better be prepared with the guidelines to find oxygen cylinders as quickly as possible to handle any sort of emergency and to provide first-aids.

Oxygen cylinder rent can be a great and viable option for you if you’re not looking for buying any cylinder. Here, we have compiled a list of where to buy/ rent/ refill oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. Some of them offer free delivery within a short period as well. Here you can find the businesses that also provide home delivery for your convenience.

Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Buy Online in BD

Linde provides oxygen cylinders for rent in Bangladesh, as well as for buying. They provide high-quality and easy-to-use oxygen cylinders for medical purposes.

If you are looking to buy, the price for an oxygen cylinder set would be 24,400 takas, inclusive of 15% VAT.

If you choose the rental option, the renting price for the oxygen cylinders (per day) would be 250 takas, exclusive of 15% VAT. if you buy it from us Additionally, you don’t need to pay a security deposit of full takas for the complete cylinder set.

Timely Product Ltd – The Best Medical Equipment Online Shop in Bangladesh.

We are an online shop that can be a one-stop solution for all your medical products. We carry an extensive range of medical supplies and products.

You can find us online at timelyproduct.com for oxygen cylinder rent and refill in Bangladesh. We also offer free home delivery services for deliveries in Dhaka, that too within 60 minutes.

We offer free home delivery service for monthly packages only. For that, the oxygen cylinder rent per month is 5000 takas. Besides that, you can also avail yourself daily or weekly basis for oxygen rental.

You can rent an oxygen cylinder from us at only 250 takas per day (at least 5 days), and for the weekly rent of oxygen cylinders, it will cost you 2000 takas.

If you are looking for an oxygen cylinder refill in Dhaka, we are providing you with this service as well only within 60 to 90 minutes. The charge for oxygen cylinder refill in Dhaka will be 600-1000 taka depending on the cylinder size and location.

And we will adjust the delivery charge in the price. Thus, we make oxygen cylinder rent in Bangladesh very convenient and accessible for you.

Necessary Documents to Buy or Rent Oxygen Cylinder at Home:

When you are looking for oxygen cylinder rent/purchase in Bangladesh, the necessary documents you may need for buying or renting an oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh-
Doctor’s Prescription
Copy of NID/ passport/ driving license.