Cardioline 200+ 12-Channel ECG The Cardioline ECG200 + is the recent developed 12-lead ECG channel for displaying, acquiring, printing (on A4 z-fold paper) and storing ECG examinations. ECG 200 + extracts critical ECG parameters and can generate interpretation and diagnosis when mounted with Glasgow Interpretation as an alternative. The algorithm of interpretation offers a high degree of precision as it analyzes particular patient requirements such as sex, age, gender, and ethnicity. A physician who completes the medical report before storing and exporting the information must review and validate this diagnosis. ECG200 + offers the most popular data management interfaces (DICOM, HL7, XML) with seamless connectivity. It can be completely incorporated into current workflows in hospitals or clinics and is completely equipped for use in telemedicine. Latest generation front end ensuring high quality, constant traces, accurate measurements, fast and accurate procurement of ECGs that exceed the strictest procurement requirements (AAMI, ANSI, AHA, ACC). Glasgow interpretation algorithm to ensure the highest level of results when analyzing the ECG of adults, kids, and kids in rest. A number of interaction and bidirectional connectivity functions (USB, LAN) with the primary clinical and demographic information management systems. Different SCP (standard accessible) export formats and procedures, XML-PDF-GDT included in the normal connectivity option, DICOM (included in the DICOM connectivity option) and HL7 (optional) for communication with all conventional management devices. Large, high-quality color screen for displaying traces in actual time and ensuring fast and secure graph acquisition. A4 heat printer with high resolution and various printing formats. Long-lasting battery for heavy ward use. The user-friendly interface and alphanumeric keypad make it easy to use. Cardioline 200+ 12-Channel ECG

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