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Emerging demand for Medical equipment supplier in BD


The use of medical technology is particularly necessary for clinics and hospitals. Medical equipment may be used solo or with any accessory or other parts of medical equipment for particular reasons for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and rehabilitation regarding a disease or a condition. This equipment helps specialists, for example, doctors and physicians, to diagnose the medical needs of a patient.

Consequently, it is important to consider the numerous types of equipment accessible and the medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh.

Overview of the medical equipment suppliers

There are different types of medical equipment required and supplied for serving different purposes. This is done by the medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh. Such as: Diagnostic equipment, Treatment Equipment, Life support equipment, Medical laboratory equipment, Durable medical equipment, etc.

All of these are a few of the common medical technologies used and supplied across different hospitals and medical centers. Various types of devices have different features that operate together to make sure that the patients have cared adequately.

Now there is quite a handful of medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh. All these agencies supply the above-mentioned medical equipment and accessories to various needs and purposes; and the demand is just increasing.

Market demand for medical equipment

Everyone is pretty much aware of the prevalent hurry to purchase equipment in government hospitals. Such emergencies and costly services are no longer fixed until they go out of order. Then the medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh is linked. As a result, several government hospitals do not even have general testing plans or facilities. Patients are bound to undergo scans and tests at private hospitals and laboratories, which means that they have to cough up more funds to deal with the test costs. Deserting the out-of-order medical equipment, health ministry officials, and health directors hurry to purchase new supplies, with claims of personal benefit included in the process. The National Electro-Medical Equipment Maintenance Workshop and Training Center (NEMEMW and TC), an agency set up to fix medical devices in public hospitals, has been lying paralyzed for three decades.

The demand for medical devices was estimated to be at USD 243.6 million in 2018 and the curve is still going up. Thus the demand for medical equipment suppliers in Bangladesh is directly proportional. According to Fortune business insights, with a CAGR of 5.4 percent, the global medical equipment market stands at USD 425.5 billion and is expected to cross USD 612.7 billion in 2025. This emerging demand for medical equipment is almost dependent on imports where the medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh comes into play. They import and be the suppliers of these health centers.

There is no doubt, the manufacture of medical equipment is a future field for investing and setting up facilities in Bangladesh as stated by BIDA. Huge private hospitals in recent years have been the greatest place to market costly high-end appliances and medical supplies. The Government is constructing hundreds of new health centers and upgrading the current medical equipment and supplies.

Medical equipment supplier chain

With its exponential move towards technological advancement, this sector is actively affecting and evolving various areas of diagnosis and care globally. However, the inclusion of modern technologies is also lacking in a heavily populated country like Bangladesh, which has a strong demand for healthcare services.

The industry actually consists of a few local medical oxygen supplier in Bangladesh, representing just 15% of the overall consumer demand, while the remaining 85% of the goods are dependent on imports. The majority of medical products are shipped from countries such as the USA, China, South Korea, and Europe.

Medical supplies or equipment were especially influenced by demand and availability from the manufacturer across the supply chain to the customer. Here the role of medical suppliers in Bangladesh is essential. In recent times, the most important change was the demand for supplies such as personal protective wear (PPE), including face masks, facial shields, disposable gloves, ventilators, etc., as well as parts of the test kit.

Importance of medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh during the corona crisis

In a report submitted to the Ministry of Health, it was said that in the recent corona crisis, owing to an immediate technological manpower crisis, maintenance, and repair work of medical equipment was not going well. If the expected manpower is sufficient with a proper oxygen cylinder supplier in Bangladesh, it is necessary to guarantee the specified lifetime of government hospitals’ medical equipment. This will ensure the patients coming to the hospitals receive uninterrupted and quality medical care.

It also said that the patients would get prompt emergency care if the medical equipment is faultless and works all the time. That’s going to save them money. The trust of citizens in the public health system will grow. As a consequence, by paying a huge amount of money, the percentage of people going overseas for care would decrease.


In a nation with a massive elderly population, growing health risks, and increasing per capita health spending, there is a considerable opportunity to help the local medical equipment sector in seeking replacements for imports. In order to cultivate biomedical engineers within the region, investments should be made in R&D. Furthermore, to minimize import dependence and to grow a strong local manufacturing industry, a strong reverse connection industry must be developed. Export duties on the raw material could therefore be lowered in order to enable the local medical equipment supplier in Bangladesh to sell at reasonable prices.

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