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How to Safely Use Medical Oxygen Cylinder at Home

In the case of a healthy person, the amount of oxygen in the blood is between 94 and 98 percent. It can be assumed that the amount of oxygen in the blood is normal. Oxygen therapy is extremely important in the treatment of corona patients. Many are desperately stockpiling oxygen cylinders, fearing that oxygen will not be available when needed. So, The medical oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh is increasing in the corona pandemic. Oxygen cylinders are one of the most requested things all over the world.

People who needs oxygen therapy:

Oxygen is just like medicine. People who have breathing problems need more oxygen. The doctor prescribed If the amount of oxygen in one’s blood is less than normal. Some medical issues can cause oxygen deficiency in our body. Home oxygen treatment is for the people who have a shortage of oxygen in their blood.

  • COVID -19
  • Pneumonia
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Heart failure
  • Breathlessness
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety disorder

How is oxygen stored?

Since it is a gas, if you want to store it, you have to keep it in a closed container. And we know from basic knowledge about gaseous substances. Gaseous substances occupy the whole part of the container. As a result, just as a container can hold a small amount of oxygen as well as a large amount of oxygen.

Different methods of storing oxygen:

There are many methods for storing oxygen. Such as:

  • Oxygen tank:

    Oxygen tanks are a great way to store large amounts of oxygen. Oxygen is in a liquid state here due to high pressure. It is possible to supply this liquid oxygen to the patients through the pipeline by converting it into gas. This system is very costly.

  • Oxygen cylinder

    This method is comparatively inexpensive. An oxygen cylinder is a particular iron made vessel. Inside the cylinder, oxygen reserves at high pressure. The cylinder contains a large amount of oxygen as a result of high pressure. By lowering the temperature, gaseous oxygen is converted to liquid oxygen. When this oxygen is given to the patient, it is changed to gas again.

  • Oxygen concentrator:

    This device automatically condenses oxygen from the air and can supply it to patients for use. However, it is possible to give only one patient from one device and it is not possible to deliver too much oxygen per minute.

Difference types of oxygen therapy devices:

[1] Nasal cannula: In this system, it is possible to provide 2-6 liters of oxygen per minute to the patient, and the patient can get up to 24-45 percent oxygen. However, it largely depends on the strength of the patient’s breathing. Giving more than 6 liters of oxygen can cause some problems, and it will not be able to provide 45% extra oxygen.

[2] Venti mask: In this system, it is possible to give up to 30-40-50-60 percent oxygen to the patient. In this system, an object called a venturi comes in different colors, and it is written on how many liters of oxygen the patient can get oxygen.

[3] Transtracheal catheter: It helps improve oxygen supply to lungs.

Rules for using Medical oxygen cylinder safely at home:

Experts say that there are various risks to using oxygen cylinders without the supervision of a health worker. Two things are very essential when it comes to taking oxygen therapy at home. Medical oxygen cylinder suppliers must guide those who are taking oxygen therapy at home.

1. The doctor prescribes precisely how much oxygen is needed for the patient for his treatment. If patients take extra oxygen from the outside, the oxygen capacity of their lungs can often be disrupted. Their ability to take in extra oxygen from the outside can cause their lungs to stop working.

2. The patient has taken proper and adequate safety measures to keep the oxygen cylinder at home. Oxygen has no smell, no color, and even if it leaks, there is no way to understand. So there is a chance of large scale fires.


  1. Oxygen does not burn by itself, but it can spread fire very quickly when it comes to contact with small sparks or flames. So, it would be best if you always were careful while using oxygen cylinders in the house.
  2. Keep the oxygen cylinder away from the direct sunlight.
  3. Oxygen cylinders should be placed at least five feet away from any heat source such as a space heater, steam pipe, stove.
  4. Set a fire alarm and smoke detector device.
  5. Patients should use water-based face cream.
  6. Keep the fire service number. If there is a fire in the house, keep a plan of how to prevent it. If possible, you can also keep a fire extinguisher.
  7. Try to keep emergency backup.
  8. Try to change oxygen therapy devices according to your health provider.
  9. Clothing that causes sparks to friction should not be worn when using oxygen.
  10. Always keep the oxygen cylinder upright in a safe place.
  11. Try to Place the oxygen cylinder in a ventilated area.
  12. Check the cylinder regularly for leaks.
  13. After using oxygen, try to turn it off completely.


  1. Avoid using any kind of aerosol, like air fresheners, hair spray or any particular type of explosive substance.
  2. Do not smoke in a room that has oxygen.
  3. Do not use oil the oxygen unit.
  4. Do not take oxygen unnecessarily. As many studies have shown, excess oxygen is harmful. Which can damage the eyes and respiratory system?
  5. Doctors prescribe oxygen to the patient as a kind of medicine. So, it should be used according to the doctor’s advice. Without it, the amount and duration cannot be changed.
  6. Patients should avoid using face creams that may catch fire – such as petroleum jelly or Vaseline.

How do I use a Medical oxygen cylinder safely at home?

I am a patient of asthma. So, I need the extra support of oxygen. I have an oxygen cylinder in my home. I maintain some rules like-

  • I keep my medical oxygen cylinder five feet away from any heat source and direct sunlight.
  • Set a smoke detector in my house.
  • Change my nasal cannula, oxygen mask, and transtracheal catheter after every two to three weeks.

When should you inform your health worker?

  • If you feel a headache, fast heartbeat, or shaking.
  • If you are shallow, slow, or more difficult than usual for you.
  • If You feel anxious
  • Your face or lips turn blue.

Medical Oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh:

The number of oxygen cylinders is less than the demand in the country. The relatives of the patient have bought cylinders for home. Many have stockpiled more than one cylinder. As a result, the crisis of medical oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh has increased. Although several types of cylinders are on the market. Linde, China, and Private are the three most popular cylinders companies. But The demand for Linde is higher than any other. In order to identify the best medical oxygen cylinder supplier in Bangladesh, I can guide you.

You can buy any kind of medical oxygen cylinder from web site. This company provides all kinds of medical equipment and also they have home delivery services all over Bangladesh.

Oxygen Concentrators:

  • The product is an oxygen concentrator. It is also known as an oxygen generator machine.
  • Oxygen concentrator has more facilities like, easy to carry, low noise.
  • It has multiple user option,adjustable flow rate.
  • No need to refill because it produces oxygen with electricity.
  • Comparatively more expensive than oxygen cylinders.
  • Price range is between 44000 to 1,20,000 BDT. But it may vary due to quality and brand value.

Price: 48,000 BDT

Oxygen cylinder:

  • This kind of product is called an oxygen cylinder. Little bit inexpensive than oxygen concentrators.
  • It can saturate oxygen upto 24 hours contineously.
  • Patient can finished it in one day or upto two or three month as the doctors prescription,
  • Need to refill oxygen when it is finished..
  • Price range is like 15000 to 26000 BDT.

Price: 10,000 BDT

Pulse oximeter:

  • Pulse oximeters are easy to carry. It’s a small device that can measure our oxygen level easily.
  • Automatic sensor finger measurement facilities.
  • Heart rate blood oxygen pulse real time monitoring capacity.

Price: 1,299 BDT

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