Folee Oxygen Concentrator 10 Litre [Best Price]

৳ 62,400.00

Folee Oxygen Concentrator Full Specification | Folee Y007-5

Model: folee Y007-5


Full plastic casing, safe and reliable.

Real voice function.

LCD screen.

Remote-control function to operate remotely.

Cumulative timer to show total working time by display.

Single timer for real-time control once oxygen inhalation time.

Timed shutdown function for easy use.

Calendar function and more intuitive master of time.

Button with back-light for clear and intuitive function display.

Power-off alarm function.

Function of releasing anion.

Heat protector equipped in the compressor.

Nebulization function (for models with nebulization functions).

Oxygen concentration monitoring and alarming.

Maximum Flow:9.9L/min

Oxygen concentration:≥90%, when the oxygen flow is 0.5L/min~5L/min

Oxygen Concentrator for Home Care BD

Please remember, when the flow rate above 5 liters per minute, then purity will FALL down.

(to better understand please contact our helpline and ask to the executive briefly)

Noise:≤60dB (A)

Attention Please:


1. Use a grounded outlet and do not use extension cords to plug in the concentration machine to avoid the fire.
2. Clean your humidification bottle on a regular basis.
3. Be aware of the technical errors of the machine.


Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Folee 10 Liters

Are you thinking of Oxygen concentrator price in BD. Usually, Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh starts from 46,000 tk. Folee 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Price 62,400 Taka. (CALL US for knowing the latest price in BD) Please Remember one thing it’s maximum flow rate: 0.5 LPM to 9.9 LPM.

Folee Y007-5 || Want to know reasonable Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Timely Product Provides Folee 5 LPM & 10 LPM in BD.

Use of Oxygen Concentrator:

Oxygen concentrator plays a significant role in Apana, Asthma, Lunges treatments. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic, if we have breathing-related disorders, it is mandatory to consult a doctor and use an oxygen concentrator to maintain the Oxygen concentration in our blood. Therefore, the use of oxygen concentrators is rising day by day all over the world.

How do you give humidified oxygen?

When the doctor prescribes the patient to consume greater than 2-3 litter flow rates, the patient needs to use a humidification bottle. When someone is prescribed to use a humidification bottle, it needs to be setup. Distilled water is the most suitable for the humidification bottle. Fill the bottle with distilled water and ready to attach the bottle. Screw the bottle cap tightly then attached it with your oxygen concentrator. Therefore, the humidification bottle is set into an oxygen concentrator bottle outlet by fitting the bottle’s threaded cap.

The humidification bottle has a port for attaching the oxygen tube. Besides, who does not use a humidification bottle to connect the oxygen tube to the adaptor? The adaptor, also known as the Christmas tree adaptor. Oxygen adaptor fits for humidification bottle attachment on the machine. The larger side of the adaptor is needed to fit into the outlet. Check if you get trouble after the setting of the adaptor.

Change your humidification bottle after every time of the oxygen concentrator. Never forget to check the humidification bottle with proper attachment to the machine. Twist your bottle for proper attachment.


Oxygen concentrator setup:

Be conscious and should have vivid acknowledgment about the concentrator outlet location. The outlet location varies from one to another model. Although most outlets are in the middle, the outlet can be on the machine’s side or have a different mechanism.

Oxygen concentrator machine requires keeping 1 or 2 feet away from utensils, furniture, and wall. It is better to keep the commentator machine surroundings clean and mostly free space without obstruction. Moreover, free space is needed for unobstructed air circulation.

As oxygen concentration machines draw a huge amount of current, so plug your oxygen concentrator machine into the grounded outlet. That is why it is connected to the grounded outlet as an only item also. Use only three round prongs into the outlet oxygen concentrator machine and do not use an extension cord to avoid fire risk.

Oxygen concentrator filters:

Air inlet filter is most important in an oxygen concentrator machine. Air inlet filter removes allergens and particles from the air and helps to generate oxygen. Remove the filter of the oxygen concentrator from the back or side once in a week. Wash the concentrator with warm water and wipe the filter with a clean towel. After all the processes, place your filter in an oxygen concentrator.

Please Remember

Using a portable oxygen concentrator machine is likely similar to using a normal oxygen concentrator machine. With the precaution mentioned above and using the procedure, anyone can easily use a portable oxygen concentrator when they feel inhaling problems.

For treating the patient of the COVID-19 virus, doctors are using an oxygen concentrator to assist the inhaling problem. Besides, the most exciting fact is that you can carry a portable oxygen concentrator machine anywhere. It just needs to charge the battery for 3 hours, and then the battery power will be alive for four hours.




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